May 29, 2006

We left Saturday night for Vermont. Boy, they sure don’t call it the “Green Mountain State” for nothing. Talk about green. It’s all over the place! They say it’s just because it’s spring. I can’t imagine how beautiful it must be in the fall! All those maples turning rich brilliant shades of red, some golden yellows mixed in…oh yeah. Sometimes I think it’s too bad we miss the foliage.

The way I figure it Vermont has green license plates because they need something green to look at in winter, when the snow is piled chest high. Ski country!

As Bonnie and I walked around Barre in the afternoon we saw lots of old houses, a monument to ‘Italian-American’ stone cutters, three pennies, a cool looking stream, several yard sales, and hippies. I guess there are a lot of granite quarries in and around Montpelier, the capital of Vermont, and many Italians came there to practice their stone cutting trade. Now I feel connected to Vermont. ;-) Ya know there are two kinds of people in this world…those who are Italian and those who wish they were. Hehe.

We hung out at the morning church during the afternoon. Some of us got out instruments and jammed. While I was putting my fiddle away I went to loosen the bow and ’pop’, all the hairs on the bow went limp! Turns out the brass shaft broke inside the bow and it was unfixable. We still had a concert to do! Praise the Lord I had with me another bow (also broken, but not totally broken). The bow survived the concert but I don’t want to practice with it now. I’d better get it fixed soon…we have to sing June 10th. But, all things considered I still think the night concert went better. We were warmed up and relaxed. The building we sang in was really old. We calculate the super wide boards on the floor had been growing for 85 years previous to installation. The church filled up and the folks who organized it thought they had set some kind of world record for attendance. :-) I’m so glad God’s word went out and people were blessed. We had a great time meeting folks afterward while eating ice cream. Strawberry ice cream on a warm night tastes great btw. (Dad said he only had vanilla by the time he got to it.)

We got back early this morning and got over to the cemetery to set up for the ceremonies. Dad decided not to use the new digital system. The threat of rain and lack of sleep contributed at that decision. J *yawn* It went smoothly and they invited us to do a song next year and of course set up for them again. :-)

I’ll leave you with some pictures of our Vermont adventure…

Did you know Vermont doesn’t allow billboards?

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Nice fog eh?

Green, green and more green!
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Flip flops and mountains…..
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How very Vermont.

A free concert AND ice cream!
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Can anyone guess which song we're playing here?
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For Memorial Day.
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Hope you all had a great weekend!

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