October 03, 2006

I keep trying to start this post and it’s not coming out right.

The Lord is growing and stretching me. Growing isn’t always painless or easy. God is faithful through it all. He gives the peace which passes all understanding. What a might fortress is our God!

We’re still in Kentucky and will be here until the 15th I think. Then we’re down to Jasper for the 22nd. I can’t believe it’s October already!! November 7th still seems a like a long way off. We haven’t been singing much but we sang at a birthday party on Friday night. It was quite an eclectic audience, people from many walks of life. The weather was just perfect. I wish I could capture what I felt in words. God’s goodness and peace is so sweet. Knowing we have a heavenly Father to turn to and talk to all the time and that all we see is temporary is comforting. So, anyway, we’re going to be singing Saturday and hopefully Sunday night as well.

Pictures from this week and last.

Another sunrise….
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Sunday at the park…
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Bonnie, Hannah, Lydia, Bethany, Abby and some dork that tagged along. ;-)
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Birthday party on Saturday….
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A tree from our hike on Sunday….
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We sang in a grain bin on Sunday at the park and the acoustics were WONDERFUL. It got me thinking how beautiful the music/singing will be in heaven. If an old grain bin can make such luscious sounds what will heaven be like? I know I can’t imagine.

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