February 07, 2007


Please, please keep praying for my dad. Some things do not seem to be getting better but worse. It’s gonna be tricky if we loose our bus driver, either temporarily or permanently.

“And we know in ALL…”


It’s been a while. A combination of not being ready to post and no connection is my excuse.


Friday we left Horseshoe Cove for Sarasota. The church was nestled behind trees covered in Spanish moss. Kinda pretty and creepy at the same time.

The church building was beautiful and the lighting was ‘cool‘. We arrived in plenty of time to set up and run through some new material. Mrs. M requested Jesus is the Sweetest Name I Know, from our cd, but we had not brought the music. We decided on Be Thou My Vision, for a substitute. I hadn’t played flute for ages in concert… (last time was at Mrs. M’s request this summer)

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Vincent singing in the trio, ‘No, Not One’.

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How many goofy faces can YOU make while playing the fiddle?! LOL

More bluegrass styled hymns….

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Nathan on the mouth harp.

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The Matthews family came to hear us.

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I didn’t realize who they were until they started talking about Brianna and Becky, our cousins. It’s been so loong since I’ve seen them! Thanks for sending them over, Auntie Val!

We had a nice time fellowshipping with people after church over refreshments.

The church had a pancake breakfast Saturday morning and we were invited to stay for that. The M’s and B’s came to too! YAY!

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We took a group shot before we said goodbye. :( We miss you all! Thanks again for everything!

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Oh and this is hilarious…MR. ED with HAIR!!!!!!!

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We traveled up to Brooksville that afternoon and visited with relatives.

Peter up a tree, taking moss down for Uncle Frank.

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Group shot. (eh, duh!)

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I would list who everyone’s name, relation, etc., but that would get complicated. : P Mom’s brother is the man in the blue shirt, second from the left and Papa’s brother-in-law is the man in the plaid shirt in the center. The rest are cousins and their kids.

We headed over to the Zapadenko’s house for lasagna that evening. We met these folks two years ago when we visited Florida. It was nice to renew our acquaintances with them!

The morning service went fine. We went back to the Zapadenko’s for chicken dinner. Yum! It was pretty cool eating on ‘real’ plates. 8-) Thank you all again!

The service in the afternoon went great. We weren’t packed out for a change but we had a whole row of relatives watching!

No pics of the concert. We miss you Mr. Ed. ;-)

After we went back to the Zap’s house and stayed up late. ;-) We snacked, played games, watched funny commercials, talked, ate more, played music etc., etc.,.

Hey, how many of you can play the piano upside down?

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We said goodbye to the Zap’s around noon time after we played more music together, ate, and played outdoors more.

The gals.

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The guys.

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I have to agree some of the best smiles come when they aren’t posed.

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Monday we started traveling west. We were stuck in traffic near Tallahassee for 6 hours for an accident, 7:00pm-1:30am. It must have been bad! (We found out today someone died.) The police were walking around waking people up in their cars to get things moving again. I’m glad we weren’t in a rush to get anywhere.

Dad’s neck is still flaring up it seems. Thank you for all your continued prayers. The B’s gave us a rice bag which he’s been using daily which is helping, though not healed him.

The sound system is working fairly well, we had one ‘pop’ in the morning service. Dad had given the pastor an earful about our whole problem and getting very technical the night before. So the pastor made an announcement about our broken ‘atomic nuclear fiber converter’ during the service and how they weren’t working well. He also called dad ‘brilliant’ : D

Dad’s been feeling quite poorly due to digestive problems and his ‘afib’ heart problem. He’s had it really rough for the past week and today he felt so bad he thought he couldn’t drive. Please keep him in your prayers as the Lord brings him to your memory. Thank you.

We had quite the adventure today when we backed up at the church this afternoon and sunk the bus drive axel into their septic tank cover! LOL. Not exactly what we thought we needed but “we know in all things…”. Amen and amen. Thankfully we were able to drive the bus out of the um, hole, and we should be on our way to Houston sometime tomorrow. Thanks for praying for us! (Yeah, I know a picture would be nice here, but I haven’t uploaded them from the camera, yet.)

God bless and until next time….

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