February 14, 2007

What have we been up to in Texas you might ask? Well, the short of it is, we’re not doing much, at least as far as singing goes. We’ve done one concert in 6 days and we don’t have another until Sunday. Some of us have mixed feelings about all this ‘down time’ but it might be just what we need to be refreshed for our next batch of concerts.

For those who are wondering, Victor (dad) is about the same. Thanks for all your prayers for him.

We took a great boat ride in the Houston Port on Saturday with our friends…

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Bonnie’s at the very end with her silver video camera.

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Hannah girl!

Matthew contemplating his life, or the ceiling.

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It was loads of fun since we’ve never been on a boat ride like this! (Edit: I lied, some of us, not all of us, did ride a boat on the Wisconsin Dells. I was just about to turn 7 at the time.) Edit AGAIN: mom said I didn't lie, I just forgot and that this ride was different. *sigh*

After we returned we celebrated mom’s birthday…

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Happy (late) Birthday Mom!

Papa’s birthday was just the day before…but I haven't uploaded the picture I wanted to post here! :( Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday Papa!

The concert went fine on Sunday…I did forget to bring the camera though!

Hannah, considering just how many faces she could get away with...
(I won’t show you the other ones she made!!)

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Just about a year ago we sang in the same spot.

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Sunday morning pictures are brought to you by our host family (who remembered to bring their camera!)

My neck was totally cramped from the night before and I sang some, uh, bad notes...*sigh* It was hilarious after the fact. LOL.

Here’s Bonnie Jean, the yodeling queen.

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The clouds, until just yesterday, seemed to have taken permanent residence over our bus. It was sooo nice to see some blue sky this morning, even if it was brief. We’re back to partly cloudy…yay. Oh, wait, the sun is peaking out!! I shouldn't even mention the weather since I know people back home are dealing with snow, rain and soon to be frigid temps. I'd better stop talking now. :-D

Till next time. :-)

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