February 26, 2007

I was taking a look at my counter this morning. It says I had 73 hits on Friday, 35 on Saturday and 15 on Monday. If I keep up my current updating habits I might lose my readership completely!!! : D BTW, xanga is blocked from this computer and that’s why I’m not updating there as well. I’m on a dial-up connection so we don’t have time for pictures today. : ( Sorry!

We’re in Texas, still. We have one more week before our commitments here are fulfilled. I don’t want to hurt feelings but, the weather has been gorgeous! I mean really, really nice. It feels like June!

We sang twice yesterday. YAY! It’s good to be singing again. Sometimes the Lord uses your music to minister to others and sometimes YOU end up with the blessing. This happened Sunday morning for me. Sure, I get blessed singing but this was unlike any other time I can remember. I was overwhelmed at God’s graciousness to me and the precious gift of His Son. “I once was blind, but now I see.” Even through tears it’s not hard to see the most important things.

The Bailey family has been hosting us here in Victoria. The boys (and girls!) have had sooo much fun playing foosball, picking, playing games and hanging out with the Bailey children. We are going to MISS them! We (Bonnie and I) made Eggs Benedict complete with hollandaise sauce this morning for 14 people. Bonnie was self-appointed sauce maker and she did a GREAT job. Mr. F couldn’t have done it better. ; ) I have pics and stuff and there is more to the story…including a broken thermometer!! But, Bonnie did ‘right good’ as they might say here in Texas. : )

Yeah, and in the rest of last week not much happened that has to be posted ASAP. (I was able to try a Nikon D80. *faints* BUT, that's another blog for another time. ;)) We left the hanger and dropped our hosts off at the airport. *sniff* I hope they are having a great trip.

Anyway, sorry about the reeeally late post. Sometime on Sunday we should be near a WiFi spot if everything goes as planned. Maybe some pictures then? Hopefully.

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