May 26, 2005

Gone With the Wind - Movie review
My first post from the new computer! (Happy birthday dad!)

Bonnie and I were browsing our local library’s collection of visual material last week. They have such a limited supply of suitable material that doesn’t have a big fat R on the back which we haven’t see yet. We were mildly excited about the new 4 DVD set of Gone With the Wind, with lots of behind the scene and an interview with Olivia de Havilland. After all, it sounded like a classic, maybe a hidden gem. The first part was fine for the most part just a little depressing about the war and how the infamous Scarlet copes with that. (Not to mention marrying a man she doesn’t like in the least and seeing and not getting over her beloved Ashley marrying someone else.) The second part was ridiculous. GET OVER ASHLEY LADY! Please, it’s ruining the whole movie. Throughout the film I was indignant with Scarlet for being such a bore and never learning her lesson. The bright spot was Melanie. She thought the best of the situation and of people. Rhett was okay... At least he married Scarlet, although walking out at the end was not good, even if she did deserve it. I was very disappointed with the ending. “Tomorrow is another day!” Oh brother! Another day for what? Scheming, plotting and dishonesty?! I have decided that Gone With the Wind is over rated and would be a total waste of time if it wasn’t for the cool costumes. Of course we were watching over half of it in black and white until we figured out the dvd player was broken, so I miss almost all the colors of the costumes. The behind the scene interview with Ms. De Havilland was interesting. I loved the pink background/setting she’s in. Very pretty. (BUT there is a wrinkle on the bottom of the curtain on the right. Lol… Maybe I’m too picky…) OK. Done with the ranting. My apologies to all you “Gone With the Wind” fans. I just don’t get it.

[I’m sure Bonnie’s going to enlighten us with her take on this subject. Her version will be more eloquent than mine but I wanted to write about it anyway.]

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