May 02, 2005

The Persecuted Church
This subject been heavy on my mind lately. It’s quite a heavy subject. I can’t imagine the horrible things Christians in around the world are going through because of their faith in Jesus. When I do imagine it I get sick to my stomach. I live in America, home of the free where no one is putting me in prison for sharing my faith with a co-worker, no one from my family is pressuring me to renounce my faith, no one is banging down my church door and shooting at me, no one has sent me a death threat, no one has threatened to harm my family....yet. Christians all over the world are experiencing these same things and much worse. Now, I know persecution is nothing new; Jesus said if they hated me they will hate you. But because I live in the US I’ve been sheltered from that hatred, it’s not at my doorstep. (Slowly but surely life and the right and respect of life is ebbing away in our beloved states. Terri Schiavo is an example and just the beginning of murdering handicapped people. Take a look at history folks, Hitler did the same thing and it led to the killing of millions of people deemed ‘unfit’ to live. It’s only a matter of time before America becomes a communistic socialist wasteland. That may sound pessimistic but God can’t wait forever to judge the earth. Get on your knees and pray that God will heal this land. If you don’t know you creator I would suggest getting to know him.) I believe eventually Christians in this country too will have to choose between the New World Order and Jesus Christ. I pray I will be ready to make the correct choice. This has deepened my view of scripture and how important it is to have ‘hidden in my heart’ as the Psalmist says. The Bible tells us to pray for this in prison, mistreated and persecuted as if we were there with them. Please remember to pray for the persecuted church, they are our brothers and sisters in Christ.

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