May 06, 2005

UGH! I feel so bad for not writing up a good blog, but I’m so tried (and I have yet to come up with the subject which to write about). But, just to let y'all know I haven't forgotten about blogging I’ll bore you with my day! We worked on the bathroom this morning and then we fixed the wheelbarrow, which needed a new wheel. Then we stacked 4 cords of wood. My back is going to be talking to tomorrow at the studio. In between all that we had lunch and supper. Oh ...and I walked across the rope the boys rigged up. They have three steel cables stretched and secured between two trees. One to walk on and two to hold on to. They were so sure I wasn’t going to do it. So there Vincent!

The Grand Canyon was so beautiful. Someone once said if the Grand Canyon was created as a result of God punishing the earth imagine what something created as a reward will be like. God's awesome!

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