May 30, 2005

Memorial Day

Thank you to all the families that have lost sons and brothers for my freedom. Your sacrifice will not be forgotten. I know my family would be deeply affected if my brother or dad had given the ultimate sacrifice. What in incredible opportunity our veterans have given us. We’re free to worship God in our own way, free to produce Christian material, free to educate our children, free to fly flags (at least in some neighborhoods), free to hold meetings, free to vote and so much more. Our town recently had a meeting and on the agenda was the issue of appointing town offices instead of electing them. Thankfully, the town voted to keep the current voting method. But it is frightening to see all the people who were so willing to toss out voting because ‘they didn’t feel qualified’ to put a treasurer or clerk in office. If you truly feel inadequate to vote, please don’t. Thank you also the Supreme Being, God who sets governments in place and appoints kings and princes. To all glory and praise be Yours!

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