May 19, 2005

Oh -- what a blank mind have. LOL. This is going to be a rambling blog. I've been
working on touch typing with the Mavis Beacon course. I'm doing okay, 40 wpm is my
top speed. I'd like to reach 60. We'll see. The spring weather is so lovely! The lilacs are sweet smelling....the breeze is warm...the trees are green. Is there a place in the country that it's always spring? I wish. Maybe that wouldn't be a good idea, May flies year round would not be nice. :p Do both of my readers have problems loading my blog? If you could leave a comment or im me, I need to know if this is just my computer. I though it was just my computer until recently but another person told me they had trouble too. Try pushing the resize button on your browser and that usually works. Well, I'm off to wash my hair and eat another of Bonnie's scrumptious apple muffins. What would we do without Bonnie?? (We'd be thinner, that's for sure!)

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