November 19, 2005


Want to cover your unattractive plastic bins you bought at Wal-Mart? Try this colorful idea from bin cover designer Beverly! Just collect flower pictures which you printed off the internet and color coordinate them on to black stock paper and glue away. Beverly isn't a bin cover designer by trade, she is my crafty employer! While I was gone she made about 30+ wall hangings for Christmas presents and a bunch of other cool stuff. If you look on the left of the picture you'll see a sliver of Pharaoh, the cat, who was sitting on the chair watching me take the picture.

The cleaning bug bit us today! There is nothing like the prospect of company to get the house together in a hurry. I worked on the 'pile' near the computer. I just don't understand how we fit so much in a small space! It would be nice if we could get a work bench for dad so he could keep all the sound system parts etc., in a confined warm area with a bright light. He'd love that. Maybe when we remodel the office......

Speaking of remodeling, the bahthroom (Boston talk) is coming along nicely! Dad and Vincent worked on it all day and poor dad's exhausted! I'm glad tomorrow is Sunday so he can rest up. His blood pressure is up (again!) and we're trying to keep things as low key has possible. No hypertension allow at our house! Right!?! Right.

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