November 12, 2005


Last night I was totally amazed, actually floored. Vincent, the death-to-all-onions-can’t-stand-‘em-if-my-life-depended-on-it-I’ll-never-never-ever-like-’em boy, told me over dinner at a friend’s house he liked onions now and it was OK to cook with them. I nearly fainted. I always told him one day he would grow up and he DID! Wonders never cease. What type of foods did you hate as a kid but love when 'grown up'? I think onions, squash, and garlic were on my top 3 list. I now like all of the above (except for certain tyes of squash, but I eat them anyway).

I went out to the bus tonight and brought up some sound system stuff and I was totally amazed at how bright the moon was. God’s creation is so awesome. (And it was great since I didn’t bring a flashlight!)

Here are some fall colors from New Jersey.....
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