November 26, 2005

I feel like I should give an update on my closet cleaning today. I'm 225 articles of clothing and 14 pairs of shoes [eight black bags] lighter tonight - I'm making progress! Yay! While I was sorting my fingers kept getting cold and I'd have to run down stairs after they went numb to warm them up. I finally got smart and found some fingerless gloves and I did much better after that. I know this is going to be good for me to pair down, I just hope I can follow through with this whole thing. I like traveling on the bus because I only have a limited amount of outfits (about 5) and I don't spend half and hour decided what to wear. So, Mrs. W. , the organizing queen, has inspired me to new heights of decluttering, all I have to do is have the guts to follow through! I think getting rid of 61 skirts is a good start.

Here is a picture of a house on our street in the beautiful, but cold snow that fell Thanksgiving day. Image hosted by I can't believe we got more today. It's been really chilly here so it's not melting! It's been in the teens at night. *checks thermometer on computer* Wow! Heat wave for tonight, it's all of 23 degrees now.

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