November 16, 2005

I was interesting in hearing Barbara Streisand’s voice this summer. Now, mind you, I know she’s a flaming liberal and on the extreme left, but I’d heard so many things about her voice I was curious as to her vocal capabilities. So, I went to the library and found a CD of hers that looked tame, ‘Higher Ground‘. After playing it I decided her voice wasn’t my cup of tea. Certainly not classical. : p But, I wasn’t really expecting that, I was just curious if she was the wonder I heard she was. On the insert she has the list of songs and a little comments about each one. Many of the songs were clearly humanistic and most told everyone to ‘look within‘, a bunch of garbage. At the very end she sang ‘On Holy Ground‘. You can imagine my shock when I hear the familiar strains of the Christian song ‘On Holy Ground’. Something has to be wrong when the left and the general public are playing/singing Christian songs! She said it sounded like a love song to her and something like it surprised her when she found out it was Christian, and then added ’isn’t all religion a love song?” Apparently songs written that were suppose to be “Christian’ can be twisted. But is it really the world’s fault? If “Christian” songs had a unapologetic gospel message that (actually mentioned the name of Jesus and not Him and He etc) the world won’t touch them with a ten foot pole! It always amazes me that many stores play ’Christian’ music. The Christian teen magazine I picked up at a church on our trip had a blurb about a group who claimed to be Christian doing non-Christian rock. It was almost like they were saying this was a good thing and they were proud to be getting into this sort of crossover and attention. I thought Christian rock music was imitating the world, but now they aren’t even pretending to do ‘Christian’ music.

Are the lines between the church and the world being blurred or is that my imagination working overtime?

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