November 25, 2005

I can't believe I was one of those 5:00 am shoppers yesterday. I've never done that before but Wal-Mart had this great deal on SD cards which will store twice the amount we can store on our present card. I'm not sure why I wanted to go since Bonnie and Dad were already going. I guess it started out mom was going to take us to buy paint for the bathroom before the store got mobbed and our company came, but we decided not to paint. (We ended up just got some paint chips for her to look at.) Then we started to look at the sale flyer and saw the SD and Flash drives for $13.88, but the sale was only 5-11 am. I'm not good at getting up early if I got to bed late. I was awakened by Peter at 4:36 and he wanted to know if I was going. Groan.... I stumble out of bed and grab my glasses. Darkness. Oh, yeah, the light. I need to get to the light. Jump over the pile of clothing on the floor, yawn, stand there getting bearings and letting my eyes get accustom to the blinding light. Finding some warm clothes and get down stairs in one piece is an important next step. We're out the door. It must be 18 degrees outside. BRRRR! At this point I'm still not fully awake, everything looks strange. Another *yawn* (I hope I'm not boring everyone...) We pull up to Wal-Mart and the place is FULL of people. Peter and Nathan ran in and Bonnie and I follow at a slower pace and dad parks the car. I'm telling Bonnie, "this is crazy". I'm closing my eyes and letting her guide me, wake me up when we get somewhere important. We get to electronics and the aisle is packed! We find the SD cards no problem and they brought out the Flash drives after we asked about them, apparently they didn't know what they were, they kept pointing to the SD cards saying "Aren't they over there?". Get with the program people! So we get our stuff pay for it. We're home by 5:30 am and we crash back into bed and sleep until 8:00 am.

We had this family ( over for dinner tonight! For all the people who have our CD, look in the insert to read our thank you to this dedicated family. They are awesome people who love the Lord. Praise God for people like them!

Mrs. W., the lady who has read every single book about organizing that there is, got the grand tour of our house and among other things she decided mom has too many pots and pans and I need to get rid of half my clothes (literally). Ouch. I know, I seriously need to pair down. It takes up WAY too much of my life to organize all of it! (If anyone wants to see Bonnie body diving into a closet full of my clothes to get her three bags, let me know. It‘s awful. Bonnie challenged me to count all the clothes I have, I don't know if it would be worth the time, we'll see.) My list of goals for November is clean out my closets and reorganize. There are only a few days left in November so I better get working on that tomorrow..... : P

Our attorney general, Tom Reilly, decided to enforce the Blue Law in our fair state of Massachusetts this Thanksgiving Day so Wal-Mart couldn’t open. What does everyone think of the Blue Laws? Why should store hours be controled by the government?

(I hope this whole thing isn’t full of typos, I was distracted and didn’t have time to proof read a lot, please let me know of any gross errors!)

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