December 08, 2005

I'm sitting here wondering what to blog. Why is it I think of good 'blogs' when I'm no where near a computer and when I'm near one my mind takes a vacation?

Well, so y'all don't wonder what happened to my prolific writer of a sister, she's on a hiatus until she can find her capo. Dad's orders. (For those who don't know a capo clamps on the guitar neck to enable a new key to be played with out changing finger of chords.)

Oh, yeah, I remember now what I wanted to blog about....

I am so extremely thankful for salvation I have through Jesus Christ and for the caring parents I have who introduced me to Him. My life would be so different without the Lord. This fact is so emphasized when I see the affect of sin in the people around me; the discord, unrest, fighting, the waiting for the next 'fix', the next high. It's so incredibly sad. Having no direction, no purpose they engaged in activities geared to satisfy their lustful desires. I can't even imagine myself in the place of the girl who had a son before she was 18 by her second cousin. It breaks my heart. That situation certainly makes me stop and think how blessed I have been. My parents have given me such a gift. To give me the greenhouse raising, the sheltered life and a spiritual foundation. The choice to follow the Lord was ultimately mine, but to have the gospel presented to me at an early age and in an conducive environment was so imperative. I'm so thankful that this is a thank you, mom and dad post instead of 'I'm going to kill you' and being forcefully removed from my home by the police. I'm getting a better picture of what I have missed the past few weeks, God has been so good to me. My heart goes out to these people who need someone to bring them the light. I know that darkness doesn't like the light because it exposed their wicked deeds but, it's still my job to be light and salt in this dying world, to take the message I've been entrusted with to them. I pray I will have the words to say to them, the words of life. Coming from a sheltered life I can't understand their problems in whole, but I do understand sin is sin and we're all guilty and deserve death. But, because of the shed blood of Jesus we can have eternal life through repentance. Hallelujah!

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