December 01, 2005

NOTE: The Christmas Fallacies paper (which I mention is this post) can be found here
It seems it’s almost harder to get near computer now that we have DSL. The main computer, plus 3 laptops, a palm pilot type thingy and we still we still have to take turns!! Bonnie just looked at this and laughed. HA! Easy for her to say with a laptop staring her in the face. I’m considering getting a laptop, that way I can use the computer whenever I want. Although, that might be a bad thing. : P The four kids under me all have them and they do share them with me. I’m just an old lady without a laptop. *sigh*

Ok, on to different things…. two blogs I've read in the past few days were talking about Christmas roots (Lindsay) and Christmas trees (Justin).

When I was younger I didn’t see anything wrong with Christmas. My parents never ever lied to me about Santa and we never had a tree that I can remember, it was not materialistic really at all. (Although, was very very young because there is a picture of Bonnie under one when she was a baby, so we did do something, to what extend I don't know.) Christmas was just the time you got a warm fuzzy feeling, people were generous, good tidings, great food, Christmas Carols (with a name like that ya gotta love em') and a musical play at church (which I was in, I was a lip-syncing lamb, really fits me, eh?), and of course Jesus was the reason for the season and all that bit. My parents at some time decided we would not celebrate Christmas in the tradition Christian sense of the word. I didn't quite understand why my parents thought it wasn't the greatest. So, down went the tree, the gift exchange etc. Although, my grandmother while she was alive continued to give us gifts and make a big deal over the day by inviting us over for Christmas dinner. Apparently, the decision to not make a big deal out of Christmas did not come from reading a certain passage of scripture. My understanding of this subject is that scripture commands us to remember His death until he comes, not His birth. That combined with pagan roots doesn’t make it a very appealing. It would seem that the Bible is silent on the tree issue, except it does say not to have a graven image before you. Personal conviction has to come into play here. I view the tree as an unnecessary piece of junk to clutter up your living room and dump pine needles everywhere, which someone (guess who) will inevitably have to clean up! So in essence, it’s a waste of time. It's not forbidden, but why bother? The tree seems to be worldly phenomena, not based in scripture. The verse “Do not conform any longer to the patter of this world but be transformed by the renewing of you mind.” Romans 12:2 comes to my thinker right about now. So, my advice? Search it out, let the Holy Spirit be your guide.

My Grandfather wrote a 4 page paper titled ‘Christmas Fallacies’. I might be inclined to post it here, if I ever get it typed up. : p It touches on 7 different fallacies of Christmas. Including present exchange, date of Christ's birth, Santa, trees, etc. Biblically based and well written.

On a lighter note, we made CDs of our trip pics, 4 of them to be exact, filled with memories, places, and people we met. Here is Nathan on the way to the Dortignac’s house in Oklahoma…..simply shocking!

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He had *just* washed his hair and it had not been combed yet. Thanks for letting me post this Nathan!

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