January 15, 2006

‘From SCD to mud fights!’

What’s next?

I thought maybe I should post something serious for a change! :) Thanks again Anna and Caleb for giving me a break from coming up with stuff to blog. :) What fun!

Several things come to mind -

*I’m starting to realize the opportunity (and responsibility!) I have to be a positive, Godly influence on younger people. I’m now getting to the age of being an ‘older’ person. (I know 21 isn’t REALLY old, but to an 8 year old it must be ancient!) It’s like you have instant credibility when kids find out how old you are. They want to be near you, imitate you, hang out with you, find out how you do thing. It's a wonderful open door to impact a young life which is so impressionable and moldable.

*The absolute beauty in God’s creation! I can’t remember a winter with so many nice colors in the sky. Either I wasn’t looking or I just didn’t care? I don’t know which!

*I’m so wonderfully blessed living in this country. We discussed the famine in Kenya today, 17 people die everyday. I have more food than I know what to do with. In other countries people are tortured, beaten, and killed for their faith. The worst problem I face when handing out tracks are people saying ‘NO!’.

*Our trip is coming up. I’m so very VERY excited! The Lord always teaches me something new when we’re out. What new adventure will he take us on this time? We’re working on some new songs to add to our program, along with a new feature of a corresponding scripture being recited before the song is sung by one of the children. That means Vincent will have to speak into a mic! (Sorry, Vincent, I had to say it!) We have three open nights in TX that we’re praying will be filled.

*If you have never memorized any scripture I would encourage you to. It’s been an awesome blessing for me to memorize John. (No, I haven’t finished yet!)

And thanks to Jeremy for the new colors on the blog!

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