January 12, 2006

I have found that I do not have any 'good' (inside joke) pictures of me. Vincent looked, I looked. Apparently we don't take pictures of us in strange situations! (Or maybe we just never get in to them?) I was getting worried. Surely there had to be some bad pic somewhere! Someone suggested staging something and taking a picture. Nah, I don't want to cover myself in mud, though we had plenty of it today because it was so warm. But then I remembered this pic. I had to delve WAY into the archives for this one. It actually was a trio of muddy children, including Vincent and Bonnie. But, I didn't feel I should put them through the humiliation of being blogged full of mud. Though Vincent looked particularly cute, with this sort of confused look on his face, "is mom happy with me? Should I smile? I think this was a bad idea!"

This is what we did for fun on Sunday afternoons while mom and dad took naps....that was a lot of fun.

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Yours Truly about 14 years ago.
(For those who can't do math, I was seven.)

So there Caleb! : P I beat you to it.

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