January 19, 2006

I feel I need to apologize a bit for all the silliness that's been going on. I have blog ‘junkie’ tendencies and all this is just encouraging me… From now on, everyone has to be serious. Got it!?! : )

As this week closes, Lord willing, we'll be headed south and then west till we reach the great big state of Texas. I'm soooo excited! (I think I said this before.) There is nothing like traveling! Please keep us in your prayers for the next six weeks! The generator is out of warrantee now, so we are very much praying it won't break like it always does. We were watching the tape we took of our Grand Canyon Tour 2004 as we sorted cords and organized the sound system last night. Oh, to be on the road again, to see the road rushing past, the smell of diesel (which really grows on you), the anticipation of a concert, and to hear the familiar pickin' in the back seat. Ahh yes, the road. A place where time stands still, yet rushes past, so when you return home it seems nothing has changed but everything has. I don't think I'm making much sense. Maybe I've in front of that sewing machine too long?!

I've spent a week working on the curtains for the bus parcel racks. Twenty feet sure is a lot longer than it looks!

Oh and BTW, we went to Florida Tuesday. We were so dead tired when we got back. *yawn* Bonnie and I stayed awake on the trip home with lots of chocolate. How was Florida? Kinda chilly, snow in spots. But, we made it to our destination, did a concert, and came back a different way due to an ice storm. How did we do this all in one night? Lear jet or traveling the speed of light? You'd be right if you guessed neither.

Ahh, yes, Florida, Massachusetts. Not exactly your choice for a sunny vacation but the view of beautiful Berkshire hills is quite nice.

Oh, and the Dortignac Quartet has an incomplete sample of their first CD. Beautiful job guys! If you have dial-up be prepared to wait for it to download. If you have DSL what are you waiting for? Go download it now!

Now I have to get off here and pack and sew more curtains....

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