January 07, 2006

Thank you Lindsay for asking me to do this!

Seven things I hope to do before I die:

Walk as deep as I can with Jesus, my Savior, Redeemer and friend.

Become a decent fiddle player.

Memorize several books of the Bible.

Learn how to play piano by ear.

Learn to sight read music (vocal).

Make a BIG quilt!

Marry Mr. Right.

Seven things I cannot do well:
(I can’t do a lot of things well, good thing they only ask for 7, otherwise we’d be here a looong time.)

Knit. I just can’t get the hang of it, crocheting is my thing! I have to ask Bonnie or mom start the row and explain to me how to do it every time I try to knit….embarrassing!

Play tuba. It takes up way too much air. So, I have a great respect for the lowest of brass players. (Go Vincent!)

Stick to one instrument. Asking which one is my favorite is like asking which on my fingers is my favorite. It’s just too impossible!

End a piano piece in the middle. I can not bring myself to end a piano piece in the in the middle. I have to at least skip to the last page and play the ending. (Unless of course I get totally frustrated with playing in 5 sharps, then I just play a run that sounds good, with a chingering at the end.)

Sew with a pattern. Maybe I need to try that again…

HTML. Bah!

Sing bass. I just can’t seem to hit those low notes…

Seven things that would attract me to my future husband:

One lead by the Spirit with a firm commitment to Jesus and following Him above all.

Kindness and compassion, particularly for the lost.


Godly wisdom.

He'd have to enjoy music. How else could he put up with my hours of practice and constant desire to listen to music? (Thanks Lindsay!)

He must be able to sing harmony. (Confession: I formerly thought only a tenor would do...I think I’m past that.)

Want the amount of children God would give us.

Bonus: An interest in traveling. If he wanted to travel with us, that would be seriously interesting.

Seven things I say often:

“That’s a riot”


“I hope…” (And that’s usually follow by something like ‘the roof doesn’t cave in on us” or some other such cheery words, I’m really trying to break this BAD habit.)

“Do your schoolwork!” (Talking to the chattering kids in the living room.)

“Should I make something?” (Ginger snaps anyone?)

“Get along!” (To bickering children.)

“That’s amazing,…praise the Lord!”

And a bonus: “ I should clean my room”

Seven authors, books or series I love:

The Bible (the book of James is one of my favorites)

Don Aslett books

The Reckoning


Color Me Beautiful

The Witch of Blackbird Pond

History books

Seven movies I watch over and over again:
I don’t like that watch ‘over and over again’ bit. How about,
‘Seven of my favorite movies’

White Christmas (I know, I don’t really believe in Christmas but, for some reason I’ve always really liked that movie)

African Queen (!!!!!!!!!)

My Fair Lady

Singing in the Rain

Just about any home movie

(two more?!)


Anne of Green Gables

Abbott and Costello movies

Seven people I want to do this:






And whoever else wants to do this! (That means YOU!)

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