March 06, 2006

Home. Sweeeeet!

If you’ve been to Bonnie’s blog you know about my thumb I cut open on Friday. For persons interested in seeing a picture of my thumb right before I got it bandaged please click here. I don’t really want a picture of it right when you load the page. It’s too gross! Actually I wouldn’t look at the wound until the next day. I was so sure I was going to faint. But, ya know I think I blew it a little out of proportion. It’s not like a lost my thumb or anything. (Thank the Lord!) How did I do this you’re asking? I was washing an innocent looking icing knife (the kind that have a big rounded edge). It has a very sharp serrated edge which I did not see until it was too late. As soon as I did it my thumb tingled and I still have numbness/pins and needle, like it’s asleep. Anyway….I could not play fiddle or piano for our last two concerts. This cold is attacking my vocal chords so I have like no voice. (Did I just use like like that? *Gasp*) So, it was an interesting week end! I’m really frustrated right now that I can’t do anything on the bus or at house! I’m learning how to be left handed but my hand writing is so poor using my left hand! It’s difficult to make food for your self, comb hair, tie shoes, and get dressed. I felt so funny asking mom on Saturday to tie my shoes. Bonnie has been my hair dresser for the past few days. She’s a jewel! I didn’t think I was going to be able to type this but it’s not too bad. It just goes slower….I hope I didn’t get too detailed and BORE you all to death!

Okay…back to the past few days. Some of the Kochers came with us Wednesday night and they came to both Sunday concerts. Wow. (Aren’t you guys sick of us???! : ) ) We enjoyed our time with them so much….thankfully they don’t live in Wyoming and we’ll see them in April. ( Lord willing.) I’ve learned a lot about saying Lord willing. The last two Sunday concerts were so last minute, we thought we’d be home by Friday. When started to complain about my throat I had ‘the Lord works everything for the good of those who love Him’ quoted to me. It made me examine my motives for singing. Can’t the Lord use me even if I think I totally blew it? “My strength is made perfect in weakness”. So why do I worry? Saturday night at the Kocher estate we had a sing-a-long. We heard from Jewel24601 and her sister and some of the Kochers. I was a little disappointed Grace didn’t sing anything for us. (*edit - Sorry, Grace, I knew your name was Grace but my fingers typed Sarah...)Maybe next time? Please? :) I was resigned to running the video camera because of my thumb and uncooperative throat. I relented to sing, but only one song and I insisted it had to be easy, no Holy City!! As I was singing the words of the song, “Great is Thy Faithfulness” started ministering to me and I knew the Lord would take me through the weekend; bad throat, cut and all. I did get a few jokes about not playing anything at the morning concert...hehe. All fun.

That last paragraph might be kind of jumbled but I’m getting tired of typing and editing.: p

I’m going to sign off with some pics….
The combined MacDonald and Kocher family….
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That was our silly pose. LOL

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This welcomed us into the home sweet home state of Massachusetts!
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Phew, over and OUT!

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