March 01, 2006

My sincere apologizes for this very late update. I guess I don’t have much of an excuse. (Maybe I’m tired? Maybe I’ve only had one wireless connection since Houston?)

I feel like all I’ve said on this blog concerning this trip is ‘we’ve had a wonderful time!!’ and little else. While that is true that we have had a wonderful time and some experiences we’ll never forget I know we’re all getting road weary and getting ready to be back home is going to be very sweet. Home. Wow, does that sound nice.

We’re here at the Kocher’s house. (YAY!) Their hospitality has been wonderful. It’s really nice to have friends who don’t live 5,000 miles away (slight exaggeration)! It’s also awful nice to spend time with friends instead of being stuck at Wal-Mart or a truck stop. Now, if any of you make it to PA and visit the Kochers you MUST taste Susanna’s biscuits! They are seriously good. And if the offer to make you the tradition southern style biscuits and gravy you would have to be crazy not to say yes.

This past Friday we traveled the length of Tennessee. That is a mighty long state! Most of the scenery was so pretty! We traveled through a gorge on route 40. Unfortunately, it was at night so we missed seeing all mountains around us. Too bad, maybe next time.

We pulled into North Carolina on Saturday. They got ‘heels’ there as Vincent with his new annoying accent would say. When yelled out the word in the bus I thought for sure he had just spotted a pair of heels (like as in shoes), but he was talking about the hills, ya know with green grass on it? More on this new acquired accent; since we have been down to Texas Vincent pretty well refused to call the guitar a guitar; it’s now a ‘gitar’. He’s been telling me if I don’t straighten up and pronounce it properly when announcing said instrument in a concert as such I would be throw out of the group. I guess it’s pretty serious. Eh uh….

We stay with the talented Matson family in North Carolina. We ate wonderful sauce and pasta and talk about ‘Christian rock’. Ummm….. I would like to bring that up here, but, so little time.

I think the pair of contacts I had in my eyes that day we visited the Matson’s house were pretty worn out so my eyes were dry and hurting, my right eye the worst. So, I took them out and wore glasses. I didn’t think anyone would notice and draw the conclusion that this little Matson did….

K: Are you blind?

Me: No. Why?

K: You keep doing this (squints eye).

Me. I had my contacts in for too long. They kinda hurt now.

K. Oh. So you got hurt?

Too cute!

We had a jam-packed day on Sunday. We had three concerts in a row. We had all three meals cooked for us, which was a huge blessing! By the second concert I could tell my voice was wearing a little thin. I told myself, if I can just not talk until we sing tonight I’ll probably be okay. LOL That did not happen. The concert went GREAT! It was a great way to end a long day. We have never sung for a more enthusiastic audience in our lives. (If not a very close second to the rehab center in Houston.) The church was full of families and all of them homeschooled. They erupted into cheers when mom mentioned that we homeschooled. It was really nice to play for them. We were so tired though! When everything was over I started feeling a sore spot in my throat. I’ve got a ridiculous cold, again! At least we only have two (maybe four) concerts left.

We were able to visit grandparents in VA on Monday. I wish we could have spent more time with them, but we had a schedule to keep, including a concert on Tuesday in Dover. Poor Vincent thinks I share too much. Apparently he caught the cold. Praise the Lord that so far we’re the only two. Dad had a severe headache Tuesday. He seems to be doing better now. He’s been doing a lot of driving. He’ll probably need a week to recover from this trip.

What does everyone think of males wearing pink? (That's not totally off the subject of this trip since I've seen several males in the past weeks wearing this color. *GAG*)

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