March 19, 2006


First the most exciting news - congratulations to the Godin family on number 12! Stephen Lawrence was born on the 16th, just a few days ago. PTL for a safe arrival! He is adorable!!!!!

We had a great weekend singing in Vermont. Nothing really exciting happened, but we enjoyed the lovely scenery and friendly people (as far as New England goes). I like doing PR and I had a nice time chatting with a Romanian family about how we work and how the Lord take care of us. I would love, er, like to stay home one fall and see the colors change. It must be magnificent. I remember thinking what a bore fall was and you had to be totally nuts to come visit just to see the leaves change. Now I'm think I was the nut. Funny how you don't appreciate what you've got until it's gone. : ) Take my thumb for instance. I was appreciative of my digits before, but not on the same level I do now.

Here's a pic of the mountain view from the church.

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Check out all the white birch on the way to the church....
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I wanted to post a people pic here but photo bucket is acting up, it's Bonnie's turn on the computer and I need to go make cookies. SO, no more pics right now, maybe an edit later!

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