June 01, 2006

While we were visiting some friends they drew our attention to a frame on the wall which held a paper on which Queen Victoria commissioned their great great grandfather (should there be one more great in there?) who was a consul to the tip of Saudi Arabia. It holds her signature and seal. I thought that was kinda neat.
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Her signature to the right of the seal at the top.

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I could certainly spend hours and hours on the web researching Tudor history. Ah! So little time. The period of kings and queens has always fascinated me. Here are some bits I picked up in my short browsing.

- Victoria's reign was the longest in British history at 64 years

- She became queen when she was 18 years old

- Together with her husband, Prince Albert, had 9 children

More links and history here, here and here.

EDIT: Oh cool! She was related to William, Prince of Orange of which the town of Orange, Massachusetts was named after. :-) I should just get off and get some work done. :-p

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