January 26, 2007

Eeek. Blogging under pressure! We only have scant minutes here at this WiFi.... if I'm missing pictures you'll know why! Gmail won't load either so if you sent something I might not get it until later.

Day 4 of our 63+ day adventure was spent mostly in the town of Southport and St. James plantation (the later is a gated community).

The history of how we happened to sightsee in Southport started back when my mom was very small, about 4th grade I believe. When she was growing up in Levittown on Long Island her family lived next door to a family, we’ll call them the Smiths. (I have no idea if they would rather I not use their real name so to be safe...) Mom and Papa were going through old pictures about two months ago and he asked what happen to his neighbors. Mom found the daughters name on-line and called her up. Turns out that very day this lady told a student in her class about Laurie (mom) and she was amazed that mom called that very day. So, her dad lives outside of Southport and mom called him. He invited us to stay at his house and gave us a guided tour of Southport.

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We saw this cool looking tree, estimated at 800 years old. We found some ’animals’ in it’s uniquely curved surface, including a deer, bear, and buffalo.

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Of course, I can’t remember the name of the man who designed the house around this Live Oak tree. He was famous, that‘s all I know. : P

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Across the street is the beach.

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They don’t actually use the beach for swimming, you’d have to jog over to Oak Island for that. The reason being the intracoastal, Cape Fear, and the Atlantic Ocean meet in this area and the currents are quite strong.

Hey, it’s tanker! We think we saw it again today (Wednesday) up stream in Wilmington, NC.

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My camera batteries died so I didn’t get a picture of the jail or the street with trees in the road. : P

We saw the remains of Fort Johnston, not much left but foundation rocks. It only had 2 canons and two men in it originally! When the Rebels took control at the time of the Civil War there was only one person at the fort! In WW2 this area of Southport become a buzz with activity as the military and navy set up stations here. We lost near 50 boats to the Germen subs who waited right outside the ‘Frying Pan‘, the dangerous shoal.

Mr. Smith was a professional photographer and, while we were at his house, he tried to teach me about composition, f stops, and lighting. Oh…eek. A reflector is something I HAVE to make when we get home and I should get a book called ‘Photography” by someone named Upman. I knew this before, but I have so much to learn!!! It’s exciting though, to know good pictures are possible with the proper education. At least, I hope. Haha.

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We left and visited Aunt Josephine about 20 minutes away for a while in the afternoon.

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We probably would have parked overnight but the ground was muddy.

We went over to the church and started to set up. The church fed us. Of course, when will I ever learn not to eat a normal portion size before we sing! :-/

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I didn’t have a chance to take any while we were singing so this is immediately after I came in. The pastor was already up announcing things…lol..oops! The color is so off but you get the picture. Pun not intended!

Mom’s old neighbor came to hear us. He remembers when my grandmom use to sing in the summertime with the windows and doors open. He said he could hear her in me last night. It was neat to make a connection with someone who knew my grandmother and had heard her.

January 25th
We are in South Carolina now and we are going to head over to Florida as soon as we can. It’s suppose to drop below freezing here tonight.

Time: 3:45pm
We didn’t leave Wal-Mart’s parking lot until 12:00pm and we’re on a stop and go road, Route 17. Some are reading, doing school, practicing, napping, driving, and typing.

We made it to FLORDIA just about 1/2 hour ago! We have a very very busy 7+ days here. Thanks for all your prayers.

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