January 10, 2007

That sure was a lame post. (See last post.) I’ll try not to let that happen again. ;-)

Our lives should be speeding up with the upcoming trip nearly upon us, but we‘re all surprisingly calm, cool, and collected. Ha! Crunch time is next week. Anyway, this will be trip number, um, I don’t remember which number! I know this is the 4th winter trip we’ve made. The first one we only sang a handful of times and stayed mostly at Auntie Val’s house in Florida. :-) Swimming in the pool, hanging out with our cousins, going to tag sales, taking test promo pictures - we had a great time!

I dug up some pics of that trip and scanned them. We thought these were just test pics so we weren’t too concerned about smiling. :-)

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This was three years ago?

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Vincent, Peter, Bonnie, Carol

We’re working on new songs for this trip and we’re going to give them a test run this Saturday. *bites finger nails*

And I have a cold, it’s not too fun. :-P It’s creeping on slowly, those are the worst kind…lol I AM following the advice of apple cinder vinegar twice a day in warm water. I’m still not brave enough for the garlic in there, too. The cider stings that back of my throat (mom said it’s killing germs!) and of course I make lovely cringing faces accompanied with moaning and groaning. :D Maybe the later is a slight exaggeration. ;-)

Here is a bonus pic, the beginning of the MacDonald Family Singers in 1992.
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Till next time...

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