January 15, 2007

Today is Monday, tomorrow is Tuesday. Thursday, departure day, is COMING. And, a little too quickly for comfort. ;-)

Thankfully, the dreary rainy day didn’t deter us from making progress with our trip preparations. The monster sound mixing board, which is being given to a church on our trip, was hauled out of the ’office’ and is resting on our living room floor. The road case for it is 4’ x 4’ x 2’. It’s like a giant blue coffee table.
: D We washed laundry, packed bags, cleaned the bus, washed sheets, and hung the coolest green rope lights in the bunk area today. Now we’ll look like a spaceship cruising down the highway. 8-) Ok, not really.

In case anyone is wondering, the concert on Saturday with our new material went GREAT! We got there hours early and got some presets done.

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One song was really slow and Vincent got down on his knees so he was shorter than the kids in the front row. We all ended up on our knees in a row SWAYING to the music. It was so hilarious I couldn’t finish the song….Vincent grabbed the camera…

By this time I wasn’t smiling!
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Now I’m laughing and Bonnie doesn’t want to be seen…..LOL.

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The really cool thing is I recorded the whole concert on my laptop. : D I got to hear the part where I sang over Matthew’s mandolin solo. Oops. :-/ He graciously forgave me after the concert. We had a few other quirky spots but over all we thought it went very well. Oh and Bonnie’s new yodeling song was really super. 8-)

It is interesting to hear the concert from a listeners point of view. Now I know what people are talking about when they say I need to sloooow down when I talk.

I should go get some sleep or something….too bad I had all those chocolate muffins earlier….lol

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