January 04, 2007

Well, last year sure was interesting! God is good and I’m so thankful for all His blessings. I’m looking forward to what God is going to do this year. It seems the Lord has been impressing on me time is getting short, I need to be spending more of my time on things that have eternal value. We (I!) get very distracted with temporal things, it's very easy to get sidetracked from our true mission on this earth. For more on that train of thought, check out Mrs. Keeth's (Lora's) January 2nd post.

January is here but it sure doesn’t feel like it. 50’s??? I hear the south is getting some unusual cold weather this year. Wouldn’t it be funny if it’s 40’s when we get down there? Haha! We’re leaving in a few weeks for the deep south. If you keep up with Bonnie’s blog you knew that. I’m trying to get more organized about packing; when I throw something in the bag I’m writing it down on a master list. That way I don’t go rummaging through everything wondering ‘so, how many of these did I pack?’ So far I like it, but I still don’t like packing.

We caught a flu New Years Eve and we’ve been feeling the effects for a few days now. *groan* I took a whole bunch of garlic Monday and Tuesday but that still didn’t keep it away. Waaa! Nathan is claiming I got sick because I was eating garlic. :D Haha! Anyway, I'm feeling better now but I’m trying to take it easy.

I keeping perusing my photo albums looking for something new to post but the fact is I haven’t been taking many pics this year. Yeah, probably because I've been sick.
: P Here’s a pic from December...

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