March 05, 2007

A day late comes an update for all my faithful readers! Yeah, the WiFi at the rest area in Sunday was a non-event. Apparently the rest area vaporized and we never saw it because if we had seen it we would have stopped! We are in Mississppi, btw. After 6 weeks headed away from home we’re on the road back…it’s lovely to see us going the direction north and east. :-)

Ok, enough preliminaries.


Place: Padre Island
Time: 8:03 PM [2003]
Date: March 1, 2007
Listening to: The Bach Album (Kathleen Battle and Itzhak Perlman)

Tonight the MacDonald family is resting comfortably on an island. I can’t say I expected to be here. : D I’d better back up just a little before I finish with today’s update.

First, remember I said nothing noteworthy happened in Houston the rest of the week that I needed to report? Well, Carol did a boo boo! :( Peter got a new mandolin! It’s sweet instrument and he’ll get much playing out of it. He passed his Kentucky to Matthew and Matthew passed his Kentucky to Nathan. I think we have happy campers all around. ;) We’re finally *cough cough* retiring the Fender with the pick up. YAY!!!!

Peter and his A9 just out of the store!

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And, I mentioned we tried out a Nikon D80 in my last post. Peter and Vincent are now of the opinion my Minolta should be classified under ‘throw away camera.’ : p

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We fooled around for about an hour and took 300 pictures. : D Yep. It’s pretty easy to do damage like that with it. Thankfully, you will only have to see a handful of them. ; )

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I’m quoting Pat Hetic here. Kiwi is the word. : D
(If you have no clue what I’m talking about see Bonnie’s previous post.)

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Mom and Dad.

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Is that Peter taking MY picture!!?

Ok…I could go on for, um, a very long time with shots from that day but, I shall restrain myself due several factors

a. I have limited online photo storage
b. my time is limited at the WiFi
c. it would look odd to post all 300 pictures
d. my dial-up readers would disown me
e. the moon might turn into cheddar cheese of a very sharp flavor

*clears throat*

Moving on.

The picture of Bonnie with her hollandaise sauce at the Bailey‘s house!

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One night last week we sang with the Bailey’s at a nursing home.

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Joshua is 16, Nathan is 14 and Susanna is 12. I don’t know how old their mom is. :P I really enjoyed listening to them play and sing. Vincent is going to lay down, perhaps tomorrow, some banjo tracks for their new instrumental CD featuring three of their boys playing mandolin, guitar and bass. Bonnie and I contributing in the photography and graphic design department. I’m learning more about Corel and thinking how nice Photoshop would be. *remembers that’s on the ’to buy’ list*

We had some rousing games of foosball….

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Though foosball is interesting I still prefer air hockey and basically because, I’m more likely to win. ;D

Our days with the Bailey’s came to a close on Tuesday morning. We headed south for a after school program in the afternoon. From the after school program we started our trek into ‘the valley’. “The valley” is basically the place Texans and other snowbirds winter. They have tons of RV parks and lots of people to sing to, so we were told. Dad thought we should go down and do personal cold calling. Turns out we had a very productive time visiting pastors, church, and RV parks! We should be all set for contacts next year! We’re about 10 miles or less from Mexico and it’s warm! It hit 80 and we had the AC on. This bus heats up fast with all these black windows! One of the last pastors we talked to told us about this island and gave us a name of the RV park.

We arrived at the park right in time to check in and have been here all day. I would like to say we had a wonderful time down near the water and while we did have a good time it wouldn’t be entirely true. The red warning flags were up for dangerous currents and the wind was ferocious. I took the camera down to the water the first time and didn’t snap more than two three pictures. I was afraid the sand would sandblast my lens. Hannah said ’I’ve had enough’ after about 15-20 minutes fighting with the blowing sand! The boys stayed out during most of the wind digging pits and wading. In the afternoon it calmed down a little and a few of us went walking up the beach. We saw a jellyfish with a pink design but I had left the camera in the bus.

The WiFi here is not the greatest. It’s extremely intermittent and you have to be on the sidewalk to make it work and even then it’s iffy and sometimes VERY slow, like 1.0 and 2.0 mbps slow. So, this won’t get posted until we get to somewhere a little more stable.

And, lol, I almost forgot…pictures!

Daniel got buried later in the afternoon.

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Washing off…and uh, swimming?

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I took this picture from the from window in the bus early in the afternoon.

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I know it’s hard to see but isn’t that a cool ship!?

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Da beach.

The sand was soft, when it wasn’t being blown by the wind and the water was actually warm later in the afternoon. I think dad said it was 68 degrees f, much warmer then it ever gets in the north!

So in case anyone is wondering where this island is it’s pretty much the most southern tip of Texas. I checked a map and we’re almost the same latitude as the Keys. 8-) The water is so pretty, a beautiful aqua color in spots and a nice blue shade in the deeper areas. I was on the sidewalk getting WiFi on and off and enjoying seeing the sun set behind the palms and the gulf on the other side. God’s creation is marvelous!


We’re at the studio right now. It’s a little building with ac. Yep, isn’t warm enough for ac. J

Vincent and Josh warming up respectively.

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The CD will be done sometime in the next few months, we hope. We’re getting an autographed copy.

Time: Sunday afternoon
Place: A road in Texas head northeast
Listening to: Bonnie picking and road noise (bumps in the road!)

We left the Bailey’s house for yet another year this morning. We spent Saturday at their house and Bonnie made pizza! We haven’t made pizza since we left 6 weeks ago. It sure tasted good.

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Hannah and Susanna’s new puppy, Alex, got along quite well. We took it on a walk and ended up carrying her around. : p But, she was sooo cute, when she wasn’t biting us. LOL

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The Baileys.

We sang this morning and now we’re headed outta Texas!! Looks like the WiFi I thought we might have this afternoon isn’t going to materialize! I’ll post this when I can.


And that brings us to today. It’s lovely weather again and home is just three weeks away! Those four letters sound so sweet.

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