March 27, 2007

Traveling is nice. Being home is really nice. (So what if I didn't get to bed until 1:30am last night? :P) I know, in a few months I'll be ready to go out again. But, right now I'm relishing a kitchen with an unlimited water supply, a stove that I can bake and cook in, and a quiet room to which I can retreat to when I want to go to bed.

Ok, so I left you all after my laptop died (*sniff*) in VA....

We left my grandparents house on Wednesday and headed up to PA. We sang that night in the basement of an old barn. The whole barn was remodeled and the top floor is a pottery shop. It was pretty neat! I thought I had some pictures of the potter working but I seem to have either formatted the card or misplaced them. : ( It was very interesting to watch Mr. Myers work.

We met some very sweet people there in the basement and we're so glad we went!

We had a great time of fellowship with folks from the church and left soon after lunch time to pick up 3800 cds in Lancaster. It was quite an impressive amount of cds to fit in our bus. :P

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We formed an assembly line and filled Vincent's bunk to overflowing with 30 boxes of cds. Thankfully we were able to transfer them to the trailer and Vincent didn't have to sleep on the ground that night. : )

We then traveled over to the Kochers for taco salad and I got zero pictures. :P

On Friday we went down to Dover and sang at Modern Maturity. After the concert we went to WalMart and while some of us were shopping a lady pulled her car in front of the bus. She had heard us at the concert and was following us around because she wanted to give us a check. She lost us but thought we must have gone to WalMart. : ) It's amazing how the Lord puts things on folk's hearts!

We got back to the K's and enjoyed fellowship that evening! Sure was nice to see them again.

We had a nice day on Saturday. In the morning we hung out and played games (including Dutch Blitz :D). In the afternoon we went to a glass blowing place. I'll never look at glass the same again after seeing it glowing white/red on the end of those sticks! There must be a technical term for the 'stick' but I'm not sure what it is. Anyway, it was really cool to, hot. Whatever. :P They had big fans blowing to keep the craftsmen and on-lookers comfortable. The furnaces were quite warm!

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We went to the book barn after. That was an interesting place!

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Um, yeah in the parking lot the guys thought they would try to pick up Daniel K’s car. : )

Saturday was Daniel's 10th birthday.

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(At the glass shop.)

He designed his own cake recipe. It was very good. : ) Great job Daniel!
Edit - It was a dairy free cake.

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I'm testing out Susanna's camera here.
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Woah, is that Daniel with my camera?!

That night we left to set up for the services on Sunday. The K’s were so nice and came and helped us. We had three services on Sunday morning. Part of the K's came and sat through all three 1/2 hour concerts. *phew* Thanks for coming guys.

Sunday afternoon we got to set up again and sing. I think I was tired by this point. : ) But, we had a great time after jamming with the K's.

All must good things must come to an end....we said goodbye *sniff* and headed north.

It was so nice to see familiar sights and sounds Monday morning. Yay! We got LOTS of calls today wanting to schedule us. I guess we’re going to keep busy this spring between concerts, recording, and working.

Lord willing we’re going to the studio to record tomorrow night. We have an 8 week deadline to finish the raw recordings and then we have to mix down.

Well, I’d better go work on finishing and posting this so I can sleep…*yawn*

Till next time!

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