March 13, 2007

Greetings and salutation from the highways and roads of North Carolina! Who knows when this will be posted, as always. I’ve been near DSL for a day and a half, but it’s always hard to collect my thoughts with a flurry of activity distracting me.

I’ll start our weekend story on Saturday when we visited the nursing home last minute in Raleigh, NC. The Lord brings me such blessing and encouragement through these elderly folks. I thoroughly enjoying singing for them! No one is quite sure what to expect from us and by the time we’re done they want to lock the doors, which is quite funny since most of the doors out are locked already. :-D

Sunday morning was interesting! We visited a family integrated church. All the children stay for the service and they don’t have youth group or Sunday school. We led a few hymns for them and had lunch with them after. The concert was after lunch.

I do believe we have groupies. Some of you aren’t shocked, I’m sure. But, can you imagine waking up at 4:00am (on the day you spring ahead?!) and driving 4 hours just to hear us sing? That is exactly what the T family did! I hope some of them were able to sleep a little on the way home!

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The Lord bless you guys!

There were lots of families at this church, many with young children . We had a BIG line outside the bus waiting for the 10 cent tour after the concert!

The H family said they read a little of our blogs before we came.

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The J family invited us home for supper and fellowship afterward. We arrived at their house and we were concerned about their narrow driveway with culverts on either side, a mail box and trees. Oooo. I don’t like digging and tow trucks. *cough* We did make it in and we’re so glad! We enjoyed food, fellowship, games, and conversation on Sunday afternoon, Monday and Tuesday morning!

Oh and we went shopping. : ) Have you ever had your picture taken in the produce department? You should try it sometime! I like the pictures their camera takes so I decided to blog their copy.

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Peter tried on Caleb’s armor and crusader costume…

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We taught them Dutch Blitz, showed them our commercial collection. :-D And, of course, we introduced them to Pat Hetic. ;-)

We watched Left Behind 3 with them. There was more violence in this one but I thought it was good anyway. The line ‘that’s not humanly possible, is it?’ was great! Yes, the enemy is powerful but ‘greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.’ It’s true the Lord has allows persecution of the saints, but he also miraculously protected and preserved the lives of those who serve him. As I’ve heard from two places recently, (paraphrased), ‘you’re immortal till God calls your number.’ The movie also reminded me that America will to play the very small role in the world wide scheme of things when it’s a global community. Yes, it’s coming but not a pleasant thing to think about. The encouraging thing is our security is not in America’s borders or being an American, but trusting in God.

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