March 20, 2007

Nope, I haven't died!

The scoop is.....

(1) we're in Virginia
(2) we have dial-up
(3) God is so good
(4) my laptop died : (
(5) we're visiting grandparents until tomorrow
(6) the weather is nice and warm (well, pretty warm)
(7) we got to see SNOW!
(8) it was freezing cold for a few days
(9) Lord willing, we will be seeing the Kochers in 2 days (not counting today)
(10) and, Lw in 5 days we travel in the northern direction and arrive HOME

There is more to 'the scoop', but I don't have the time to expound on everything we did since last time I posted!

I'm really enjoying spending time with my grandparents. Oh....I think I'd better go help with lunch.

But, jsyk, no pictures this time since a lot of my pictures are gone for the moment and though I have some on Bonnie's laptop it wouldn't be advantageous to post since Corel doesn't work very well on her computer. *sigh* to come eventually!

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