March 10, 2007

Bonnie said I might post pictures of our little tire adventure….

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You can see Vincent has already bent the fender back in this picture. PTL for his protection!

And, another little amazing incident I should tell you all about…..God sure knows where we are and what He’s doing. He indeed guides our steps and stops!

We’re driving along on the highway and dad asks mom if she wants to stop at Wal-Mart off the next exit.

‘Sure’, she says half heartedly, ‘let’s live it up’.

Lol. It wasn’t like we were all excited about this stop and it wasn’t planned. Though we do stop at Wal-Marts frequently.

We arrive and Mom goes in. Bonnie, Hannah, and I are getting ready to go in. We’re still waiting on Hannah to put on her socks when Papa exits the bus and starts walking around it. All of a sudden I catch a glimpse from the bus window of a white haired elderly woman throwing her arms around my grandfather as she exclaims, “I know you! You’re from my home town!!!!”

It took me about 2 seconds to figure out who this affectionate woman was!

Before we left on this trip Mrs. C wanted us to go visit Mrs. G in Florida. She’s the mother of our former neighbor and mutual friend of Mrs. C. We had lost touch with her but Mrs. C hadn’t and Mrs. C thought she knew what town she lived in. Turns out the town Mrs. C gave us was not on the map and we giving up visiting Mrs. G. Kinda hard to visit someone in a non-existent town!

‘Mrs. G is outside!’ I exclaimed to the rest of the family who had missed the hugging episode.

The community she lives in just happens to shop at Wal-Mart on Wednesday mornings, she just happened to see our bus in the parking lot, and we just happened to be in the parking lot! Of course, we know there are no coincidences!! The Lord knew she needed our encouragement and he guided our steps.

She was just THRILLED to see us. She said we ’spoke her language!’ lol We gave her a cd and Lord willing we’re going to sing for her retirement home next year. Isn’t it cool how the Lord works? : )

Mrs. G, Mom and Yours Truly.

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Also, while we stopped Vincent saw some homeless guys and he and Peter talked with them and gave them Bibles. May the Lord bless the seeds that are planted on this trip.

Our time in Jacksonville, FL was great! The church had wifi. : D That was nice. This update wasn’t written, hence I didn’t post.

We got to spend a little time with our friends, the D family.

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They came early to visit and stayed for the concert. And, speaking of the concert, it went very well! We’ve been there three times in the past three years.

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Before we started the pastor said,

“I’m sure they will be telling you more about their trip”

and I’m thinking uh oh, now I’m gong to have say more than I planned! I ended up telling the septic tank and the Wal-Mart lady story. They were quite kind and knew when to laugh! Phew. That’s nice instead of dead silence!

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Peter and Vincent outside looking for the connection last night. It was intermittent and kinda slow. I gain a new appreciation for being home with a constant wireless connection on every trip. I’m also seeing how nice life is without a constant connection! The net can be such a time waster and I’ve wasted more then my share.:(
Hey, looks like we’re singing at a nursing home this afternoon. Last minute and sure beats sitting at the Wal-Mart parking lot!

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