October 31, 2006

I wrote this last night….so the countdown is 6 days now, not 7. :-P We're also not as Keswick anymore....


Day: Monday
Time: 6:48pm
HOME countdown: 7 days
Place: America’s Keswick, Whiting, NJ

I’ll pick up with last week……

Wednesday night we sang in West Hopewell, VA at a larger sized Presbyterian church. That went pretty well. It’s an adjustment coming back to the quiet north after being in the warm and outgoing south.

They had a nice big sanctuary. I like playing in bouncy rooms. :-D

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The emcee ‘interviewed’ Daniel and Nathan publicly in between our singing. LOL. I don’t remember any good quotes but, the boys were cute. :-)

We headed over to Dover, DE Thursday and spent the night at Wal-Mart. What frustrates me is when my computer says there is unsecured WiFi and it doesn’t work!! This happened to me Friday night at Wal-Mart. (It’s happening here at Keswick too. : p )

We sang at our normal place in Dover, Modern Maturity Center on Friday. There must have been 600 seniors there, making it the largest audience we’ve sung for on this trip. :-)

After we stopped on that dark and rainy night at the Flying J we traveled up to park in the driveway of our friends in Mantua, NJ.

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The rain on the windshield was interesting…..

We stayed Saturday and practiced some new brass arrangements in the church. *Ehem* I’m sure glad there wasn’t anyone else around. LOL. I did awful…. The Sunday School rooms were great for individual practice.

That night Pastor Rich and Naomi took us out to Old Country Buffet. The food was delicious and the restaurant was crowded! There were people everywhere. Half the fun was dodging the people on the way over to the buffet tables. : D

On Sunday we sang twice. See Bonnie’s blog for locations.

When the Kochers walked into the church Sunday afternoon it was like dejavu all over again! Wow….memories! We had food, fellowship and music at their house after church. FuN! That kitchen sink brought back memories too…hehe…..I did have much time to think aboub it since the boys washed the dished for the ladies that night. :-)

We actually said goodbye and goodnight at a decent hour and marched out to the bus. :-)

A house at night. Anyone want to guess whos house this is?!

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This morning we left and went to Toms River, NJ. We sang for a banquet at Holiday Inn. I’d never been to Holiday Inn before. We arrived at 11:00 am and set up. We had until 12:45pm to get ready to sing. When we went in at quarter to one they weren’t ready for us. Apparently the meal was taking longer than they thought. :-/ So, we sat and stood around in the hallway for a loong time. It was boring so we took pictures to amuse ourselves.

Peter….. posing at the sign in table out side the ‘grand ballroom‘…supposedly signing an important document. :-)

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Pretty marble floors. :-)

Bonnie’s trying to be serious. We took a lot because she kept smiling!

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Bonnie in the big ole chair…

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Getting ready to go in…YAY!

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The concert went really well, except when Hannah’s violin string detuned all the way, she just kept going! Oh and they fed us afterward. Well worth the wait. :-)

The boys were boys and got tired of using their napkins in the traditional way. Thankfully everyone else in the room had left at this point!

Behold the masked boys!

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One more thing…this evening someone over heard Peter saying; “Aren’t popsicles vegetables?” For some reason that made me laugh. Yup. Tired and ready to go home. :-)

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