October 07, 2006

We're in Smiths Grove, KY tonight with the Overholts. :) We’ve been playing volleyball, building a porch roof, consuming delicious food, shopping at the BEST fabric store ever and enjoying sweet fellowship.

We did the COOLEST concert ever this morning! And, no, I don't mean awesome or good. : P The concert was at 9am and it was cold. I've been asking, 'Doesn't it ever got cold in Kentucky?' after a few days of 80 temps. Maybe I should have asked since it was a brisk 50 degrees this morning. After a few songs my fingers went numb. About half way through it was uncomfortably cold. I'm sure going to appreciate a warm place to play tomorrow morning and night. I'm glad we did it though.

The moon was so big last night but I didn’t get any good pictures, just bad ones. I did get a couple postable (is that a word?) ones tonight.

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Tomorrow looks like a long day of concerts and visiting folks.

Till next time....

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