December 31, 2006

Praise GOD!

I’m so excited! You may or may not have heard on Vincent’s blog we were going out tonight to hand out tracts and Vincent was going to do an open air. Well, I was having fears and almost hoping the night wouldn’t come. Pretty sad, eh? After what happened last time would they be all ready for us with police and a big fat lie about us ’disturbing the peace’? Would I start stumbling over my words and not clearly communicate the law and grace? As I’m typing this it looks funny on paper….why should I be fearful? Greater is He that is in me than He that is in the world! I’m so happy the Lord had some people out there receptive and ready to encourage us. God’s so good! I took my camera with me but didn’t have time to taken many pics, most were taken at the place Bonnie works, which was hosting one of the entertainers of the night. I took another black bag with tracts so we weren’t running back to the house every hour, that was a time saver.

One of my biggest encouragements came while Bonnie ran back to get her video camera and I was ‘alone‘. *shivering my boots!!* Wait, not alone, the Lord was with me! I asked a trio of girls if they had gotten smart cards and I asked if they thought they were a good person. I went through some of the Ten Commandments and they admitted they were sinners. They seemed receptive so I went on we got to God’s grace and Him sending His Son. I told them to read the cards and think about eternity. They left reflecting and one girl ran back and said she didn‘t need it because she was a Christian and she was wanting to witness to her friends and was so happy about what had just happened. I gave her some million dollar bills to give to friends and gave her a hug.

The second one was to another trio, two girls and a guy. We went through the Ten Commandments, etc., and by the end one of the girls looked like she had tears in her eyes. The Word of God will not return void! Amen!

Wow. I’m still excited. The opposition was there too….we got some people taking tracts out of their kids hands and handed them back to us when they figured out what it was, and some people who didn’t care….but we spread the seed and God gives the increase!

God bless and Happy New Year!

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