August 28, 2005

The birthday boy was blindfolded and disoriented and driven to a wooded area where we unblindfolded him and climbed a mountain with friends. He was so anxious to get the blindfold off. =)

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Thanks for all your b-day greetings for him!

The buzz around here is Katrina. Fox News is playing it up big. (I suppose it really is big, but the media likes to play bad things up. Too bad they don't do the same thing with good stories.) With concerns for human life and oil prices which are expected to rise in result of this storm, it’s not a pleasant subject. (Just what we need for our trip, higher fuel prices!) Those poor people trapped down there. I just got up to see the TV. Some crazy kids are out on the beach getting splashed by 60 ft. waves. Crazy! They are predicting New Orleans to be under 20 ft. of water by tomorrow this time. Serious stuff. A lady in line to get into a shelter said 'pray, it's in the Lord's hands'. That's all most of us can do.

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