August 19, 2005

Home sweet home. Just got back from the last concert of the season. Yay! We were short a lot of people but we managed to pull of on hour worth of stuff. Bonnie did an excellent job on the trumpet with her sidekick Lauren. Half of us were under the tent and the lower brass section was unprotected, except for Mr. Cass who remembered his umbrella. Thankfully it didn't rain.

Since I blogged last we bought a whole box of tracks. In the box was one of the coolest books I've ever read! Every Christian should read Out of the Comfort Zone. (Can't find underline tool.) I couldn't put it down. It's the autobiography of Ray Comfort, a Christian and street preacher. He also started started this ministry. It was a very inspiring read! What God can do with people willing to let Him use them. So, I've been starting my witnessing journey by passing out tracks to everyone who will take one. First day everyone took them, probably a good thing, since that encouraged me to pass out more. Today I got 3 or 4 rejections. "Do not be weary in well doing." Vincent was upset he didn't think to bring more with us to band. We played in the center of town with people milling around. He ran out and had to use mine. Bonnie made copies of the "Why Evolution is Stupid" and gave it to three people in band. We needed more of those too.

Here is a young man putting Ray Comfort's teaching into practice. Way to go Kaleb!

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