August 09, 2005

Continuation of VA trip.
This all seems like old news now that we've been to Maine this past weekend. The Wednesday service in Woodstock, VA went very well. Our friends there fed us fried chicken. Yum yum. The people we met were so supportive!
Ok, new trip. Maine was so much fun!! Last time we went to Maine I thought I'd never ever want to go there again. Rain rain rain and blah. This time the sun was shining and things were exciting! We met the White family, the children and grandchildren of old friends of my grandparents. We did a few concerts while we were up there. I left the music at the morning church. So at night we pulled out the extra music and hymnals. We got by. We are home now, resting up for the next trip. : )
We’re really putting a big push on this week to work on the inserts for our project, Honey in the Rock. I thought the recording part was hard! Just pray we get it all done in time for the trip coming up.

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