August 15, 2005

Singing in the Rain

We didn’t actually sing in the rain. But it was raining outside!

The band had a concert up in New Hampshire yesterday evening. They invited us to do intermission. We left really early to get a good spot to park the bus. It was a nice drive in our ac equipped bus. It’s been SO hot up here. I groaned about the short stretch of ’road construction’ that made the normally scenic town look like a war zone. Bonnie told me I shouldn’t complain about those things, lest I sound snobby. Well, we find a parking spot and get out. Hissssssssssssss. What is that!? The back tire has a bolt with a head the size of a quarter right through it! We’re assuming we picked it up at the construction zone.Ehem. Our first flat ever. Funny, how we were just talking about flats and how we had never gotten one. Vincent slapped a chain on it and we were able to drive home no problem, but they are going to change it soon, before the inspection.

So anyway, we unloaded our stuff and brought it under the tent they provided. Eventually the director arrived and we discussed where to have the concert, indoors or under the tent. We thought indoors would be the best bet. So we carted our stuff inside through the rain. We only did bluegrass and a cappela so we didn't have a huge amount of stuff to carry. The band sounded great! Mr. R wants to take us all of us tour to Canada and Europe. Hehe. We had a whole row of trumpets! Bonnie did an awesome job holding down the 1st part by herself last week but the band sounded a lot fuller with six trumpets, instead of two. The audience was warm and friendly, not typical New England. We got home really late, but all and all it was a fun evening!

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