August 24, 2005

I was walking to work Monday. It was a beautiful day, we've been having some real winners recently. The fall weather in New England is so perfect! Nice and cool at night and 70+ during the day. So, I'm on my way to work. I pass an apartment complex on my route and once in a while I see this old guy standing out on the driveway just hanging out, watching people go by. This time he was sitting on a bench. I've been having a better response from people who know me at least by face as opposed to total a stranger on the sidewalk. I'd waved and said hello a couple times to him so I figured I wouldn't have a problem breaking the ice. I walked up and said "Hi" and offered him the IQ test. Turns out he's extremely hard of hearing. He wasn't too sure about the IQ test so I started talking to him and asked if he was good enough to go to heaven. He had to have me repeat myself several times loudly for him to understand the question. He told me he had relatives who were nuns and priests so he was pretty sure he'd go to heaven. I asked if he'd broken any of the ten commandments. Turns out he did lie but I couldn't get him to admit he had stolen anything. Remember, I'm yelling all this 6 inches from his face. I left him with a "Are you Good Enough to go to Heaven?" tract. I hope he reads better than he hears!

I painted the rest of my room! I just have a little trim to finish but I'm not going to work on that till next spring. The red really makes my room look smaller but I'm ready for the cozy look. That white made it look like a hospital. I only put one coat on so it looks textured. Someone suggested I put a glaze over it to finish it off. While I was waiting for the paint in the mixer at Wal-Mart I found the glaze for $12.and something. But, you know, I like the way the wall looks now. I'm not going to fix something that ain't broke!

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