August 29, 2005

I fixed the link to Lindsay's blog. I had the http twice. That would do it. Yep. Sorry girl!

Just put Grace's blog on the list. It's showing up but not working. : (

Touching on what Grace said in the post 'Knight in Shining Armor'. How true we sometimes place such a big importance on 'requirements' for our future mate to live up to. After you've lived a while you find no one is perfect. No one. Not even your parents.

Parents have some really good thoughts about mates and waiting for 'Mr. Right' to pop out of the woodwork. They've lived a lot long than us and have our best in mind. Don't worry about how tall, how short, how strong, how weak, if he has green eyes or blue. If you're seeking God and His will, He will provide us with all we need for life. Even a mate. In the mean time enjoy being a single girl!

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