October 15, 2005

Ok, this is going to be really quick.

The Lord had been so good! This past week was so cool. We met two LARGE families this past week. Go here and here. We played v-ball and stayed up late. So much fun. I found out I'm not good at volleyball, but it was fun anyway. I've also decided I can't play or sing anything. ; ) Not really, but both these groups were so good! And they give all the glory to God. It's really nice to hang out with people who love the Lord. (God bless you all!)

I've got to go watch the video we made of the Dortignac pizza night. What fun!

I'd really like to get some pictures up but I'm using a friend's computer and the laptop is not handy.

So if you've gottn this far in my post and haven't clicked on the two links I provided go do it now. =-)

Till next time....

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