October 22, 2005

We left Jan-Kay Ranch Friday...Bonnie has a good story which I hope she blogs soon. The morning we left....well, I won't tell the story. It's Bonnie's to tell!

Jan-Kay Ranch has a web site which you can check out here. Jason of 'Jason and Julie' who we invited for supper wasn't feeling too well so we just had Julie over. We had a great time visiting with her! It's just amazing all the people we've been able meet on this trip. PTL!

This morning we drove through Memphis, TN area and saw where dad lived when he was 12. I'm surprised how much he remembers considering he was only there for a year. We're in Alabama tonight and for the rest of the week. Looking forward to seeing all our friends in 'Bama!

I've added two people to my links bar. Welcome to Krista and Mandy! I'm not sure how many hits I'm going to get you two but at least I won't have to hunt through the history to find your sites. : )

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