October 17, 2005

While I'm uploading a picture of our safari I'll fill y'all in on the past two days.

Sunday was great! We had big crowds morning and night. I don't really measure concerts by how many people showed, it's much better to connect to the audience then to be packed out, but it's nice to sing to a full church. The carpet at night was a cool red color. (I mention this because red is one of my very favorite colors.) We did a lot more talking at the night service I think then we have ever done before. The people were awesome. They said if we ever got tired of living in Massachusetts we should move to Paris. (Texas, not France.) That's what the church in Glen Rose said too. : ) Texans are so nice.

We're here today at an exotic animal campground. It is unbelievable!!!!!!!! The Lord has been doing so many cool things on this trip why should I be so surprised. We weren't expecting lions and tigers and bears! (Oh MY!) The camels where my favorite...they were very, very friendly and wanted us to pet them. Bonnie said they had a very smug look on their faces. LOL. They were very cute.

We might be staying this whole week helping these people out. I can not believe all the work that goes into this place. Anyway, if we stay that means I could possibly blog all week! That would be interesting for a change.

I really would like to tell y'all about the OK part of the trip. I should mention, since I've already mentioned the D's and N's (though not in depth), we got to dine with the talented Mrs. Lyman and family (Mr. Wid) Monday night! We went to Ceci's, a first for all of us except for them. Those cinnamon rolls hit the spot and the pizza was great. Thanks again Izzy and Ironman!

Alright here's our Texas safari pic # 1

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Whooops. That pic is a little small. Sorry!

The guys just came in from the pool sing "Church Policy" LOL I'm in the hallway and they had to walk over me.

Till tomorrow ....
(or whenever I get around to blogging again.)

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