October 20, 2005

We've slept next door to the 'Ripper' the rhinoceros for 4 nights now. We saw the cougars being fed today. They started hissing at us as soon as we got close to them. They just crunched those chicken thighs down no problemo. Gulp. Wow. The female got really close to the cage and Bonnie touched her whiskers. Here are a few pictures I took today. It's really hard to photograph animals in cages!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Today was more relaxing than yesterday! Bonnie and I helped dad work on the trailer that needed to be fixed. After all out work was done we went around and took pictures of the animals. Bonnie and I played 18 holes of miniature golf. I'm not sure who won. We has a good time laughing over how long it took us to get some of those balls in.

At the dock they have lots of paddle boats and canoes. The sign on the boat house reads 'no swimming'. Matthew said ' Well, if I fall out of the boat I guess I'll have to drown." : )

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