October 28, 2005

What a week!

Time is going so quickly. Soon we will be back home and working on the house and hopefully planning another trip. : ) I think we're getting ready to go back home. Some of us were ready about a week ago! Bus fever is setting in. Not that we haven't enjoyed being on the road. I may have said this is a previous post but this has been the best trip yet. We just grow weary working and living in a house that rocks, sways, and shifts with every turn and corner.

Yesterday and today we have been staying with our friends the Godins. (Eleven kids and counting.) We played a type of hide and seek on the woods yesterday in camo. What a blast! Very fun. Poor Bonnie had to stay home because of her ear! Kim, Kristian and I hid in this cool little cave until Vincent scared us out. We crossed a log bridge very quickly and I lost my balance and fell into the stream! It wasn't very deep but I screamed anyway. : p My throat hurt last night. (Bad!) So we're out in the woods with wet shoes and several people hunting us down. Lots of thorns and briers out there. I think I should have worn a hat! We came in for lunch and had a practice session together. It so fun to play with other people! We worked up a few songs to do together at the concert last night. The concert went well and the food was delicious!

This morning I woke up and bent my head to look at the clock. Ping. Ouch. It's now not a good idea to turn my head to the right, up or down.

Bonnie's ear is doing about the same. It started to drain this morning and she had a garlic and peanut butter ball this morning. (Yuck.) We still love her ever though she has a slight garlic odor.

11 days until we get home!

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