October 04, 2005

Praise the Lord of all His mercies! We've been in and out of Iowa since Wednesday. The transmission drop off went well and we got to spend some time with the Miller's. Mr. Miller was so funny and hit it off well with Nathan our coin collector. Mr. Miller's collection is quite impressive. : )

The bus camp went well. Surprisingly well. We all got our allotment of grease under our finger nails and it looks like we'll have more busses to strip next year.

I really enjoy weekends on our trips. Meeting new people and doing concerts. It's a great time. This weekend was no exception. We met the Froiland Family and they gave us a mini concert after the 'walking tacos' experience. They played some really cool cowbells. We have to get some of those! I want to post a picture but mom needs the phone, so I don't have time to upload it.

Thanks to Izzy for blogging our shedule! Looking forward to see you.

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