October 19, 2005

We spent the better part of yesterday and the day before power washing four buildings and painting two little 'houses' inside the Horse Palace here at Jan-Kay Ranch. A lot of on your feet work. My left wrist started clicking last night, don't know if that has to do with the painting. A hot shower felt really good!

The boys went down to make faces at the monkeys. I'm not sure the monkeys enjoyed it but the boys had a fun time. The barn cats are so adorable! That's one animal I wouldn't mind having at home. A little kitty to snuggle up to. I don't like independent cats that just give you a cool look and slink off. The only cat a see on a regular basis is Pharaoh, the spoiled brat. : ) But I think he's cute. The bengal tiger looks very regal and jaguar very sleek. Don't think I'd like to take those cats home. : P I heard it 'meowing' all the way from the horse barn. Mr. Coates said you can hear them roar from 3-5 miles away. Bonnie and I explored out behind the imitation kangaroo's cage in search of the little piglets we knew were back there. Bonnie turned up a whole bunch of them while I was photographing a bashful peacock. I tried to get a shot of the lamb but as soon as he saw the camera he turned around, as if to say 'I do NOT want my picture taken!'. I caught up with Bonnie in time to see a whole lot of squealing hogs and little piglets stampede across the road. It was a riot! The piglets looked really huggable with their little tails waging and legs flying but the adults looked plain mean. Particularly the black ones. Bonnie found one sleeping pig in among the hay rolls and she startled it. Since he was a very large hog it took him several tries before he got up. LOL The prairie dogs who kept poking their heads out of their holes looked very comical. Vincent got really close to one by waiting out near one of the holes. When he appeared Vincent promptly tried to knock it out with a hedge apple. Missed!

We met Jason and Julie and newly married couple who work here at the farm. We're suppose to have them over to supper Thursday, our last day here.

Today Bonnie and I cleaned 14 toilets, 14 sinks, 12 showers and mopped all the floors in the cabins. The pool felt so good this afternoon! Vincent and the boys moved firewood and hay. Dad, Bonnie and I ran into town (not literally, we were in a car) to go shopping. We stopped at a quaint looking music store but the door was locked and the open sign up and a was dog barking inside. Strange.

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